Straight Up!

Like all things new, it takes time to settle in. New habits are raging against established patterns, and these find their comfort in things done for a long time. 

I went to bed a little later than normal last night and even a little more tired than normal. So waking today was a struggle. Actually, waking was easy - getting up was the struggle!

As I reflect on the day it is occurring to me that I am already thinking about not being beaten tomorrow morning. I'm finding myself visualising getting out of bed quickly. What is running through my head is, Straight Up!

The best way to get out of bed is to just get Straight Up! Casting my mind back over the years I remember different times where I have needed to create new schedules and Straight Up! Helped me emensely. 

Obviously, getting Straight Up in the mornings is not just about prising myself off the pillow but also establishing another strong quality of self discipline in my life. There are times I just want to stay in bed. There are other times I just don't want to do the task at hand, or exercise at the moment or even start that project that will take longer than a day. 

Simple things like getting out of bed when I don't feel like it grows in me a determination for other disciplines to simply approach them with a mentality of Straight Up!

We have a friend who makes a funny video every morning to inspire people to get up and into the day. Thought it would be good to close out this post with one of his everyday, ordinary straight up, wake up clips.