The Down Demand


Mark 9:14-29 reveals an incredible story of a desperate father who needs his demon possessed son to be set free. The passage also shows the leadership tension Jesus is faced with as He leaves some of His disciples in charge, but they are not able to deliver the ministry results needed. 

We should never graduate from helping and serving others, but the only way to serve more people is to grow a team where more people can do more of the helping. 

When your team are not capable of doing the tasks you gave them, they will drag you down into the detail you empowered them to do. This is what I call The Down Demand.

When life starts to crowd your plate and the demands grow from your team below you, understand that this is not your leaders fault above you.  

It's actually the demands down below your leadership that crowd your life and cause you to blame those above you.

—> You don't have to do everything people ask you to do. You only need to do what your leader wants you to do!

Five ways to not get caught in the clutter:

1. Get alone to get ahead.

V14 - says when they returned.. (from where?). The previous passage shows that a few of the disciples were with Jesus, getting alone with God. It doesn't matter how busy things get, we must all learn to get alone with God if we are ever to get ahead in life, ministry, family or business. 

2. Stay above the noise.

V16-18 the disciples couldn't heal the boy and the crowd were getting more frustrated. When Jesus arrived people were arguing with each other and demanding Jesus fix this. Learning to stay focused is critical because the noise will try to change your priorities. 

3. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

V21 - we must learn to see the miracle in the madness. With all the fuss of other people and their expectations, you can easily walk away from the whole situation and miss what God is actually wanting to do - don't let the frustration of inaction cause you to miss the moment of God's glory!

4. Don't get converted by the crowd.

V22-24 the father was so discouraged that the disciples were not able to help his son. He would have heard of Jesus and all the miracles. The father got real honest and vulnerable and admitted to having a lack of faith. Jesus never let others determine His own faith and expectations. 

Don't get lost in the loss of others - we hurt for those who are hurting but don't drop your faith to the level of those who doubt!

5. Embrace above to work below.

V28-29 the disciples ask Jesus why they were not able to cast out the demon from the child. The answer was simple. Prayer and fasting causes us to strip away ourselves and rely upon God. We build spiritual authority through connection with God.

The disciples had nothing to offer a nothing situation. You need to embrace (God) above to work (miracles) below.