I have been bloating for over 20 years and just figured it was part of my everyday life. Only since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease have I started to pay more attention to the silent screams of my stomach.

The human body is wonderfully complex and sofisticated. So many parts connecting to other parts. Undigested foot sits rotting and creates unnecessary gas, not to mention swelling - but more about that in other posts.

A few tips to help you stop bloating:

1. Chew your food.

I know this is ridiculously obvious but most of us actually don't chew our food properly. Most of us don't chew long enough.

Why is this a problem? Mostly because foods need enzymes to start breaking down for the nutrient absorbing process. If you chew too fast, it puts more demand on the stomach, which already has its own job to do. The other problem is that fast eating can lead to swallowing air - this means you are digesting wind, also a classic reason for bloating.

2. Eat smaller portions.

Too much food in the stomach at any one time can be hard to digest. This will cause the stomach to release acid to try and break it down. It's the catalyst reaction that can cause gas, and other complications. Try eating fit size food portions over a longer period of time and see how you go.

 3. Avoid carbonated drinks.

The Co2 in carbonated drinks can create a build up of gas in your gut. These air bibles can create bloating, which can be painful. Back off on the carbonated drinks (including sparkling mineral water) and see if that helps you.

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