What Do You Mean I Have Crohn's?


Why is that doctors just drop a bombshell on you instead of preparing you for bad news?

Julia and I went into the specialist's office, sat down, then he opened my file on his computer and just said it - "you have Crohn's disease!"

I replied, "isn't Crohn's disease bad?"

I had heard of it but didn't really understand what kind of disease it was. The doctor went on to say it's a new disease, only in the last 50 years, and really only exists in the western world diet countries. It is an incurable disease and we really don't know much about it.

You can't eat chilli. You shouldn't drink coffee (that was a dagger in my heart) and you can't ever take nurofen - never! There is lots of information online so you just need to research it all for yourself. It's very much trial and error.

So, Julia and I walked out of the specialist appointment and started a new journey into a very unknown future.

Our great comfort is that we are surrounded by many other people who have walked this road before us and who are further down the track. So this is us saying hi and we are committed to making the necessary changes to live healthier lives.

I am creating #CrohnsCorner to keep the conversation alive. There is so much to learn about gut health, the hereditary diseases and the food diets of the western world.

Let's do this together.