eat. (Pain Free)


I have had lots of questions about how to eat healthy. Some of this obviously relates to people who suffer from IBD but, apparently this will work for everybody. It had a dramatic influence on my healing of Crohn’s disease  

I lost 7 kilos in 8 weeks but I wasn't trying to lose weight. I'm actually needing to build muscle now to increase my weight. My exercising didn't change (probably was a little less) but my food changed dramatically! 

Ok, so what did I change? 

I learned how to food group. There are some foods that should never be in the gut together because they cause a catalyst reaction and release acid that can destroy your mucosal. (The lining of your intestines)  

The PWS rule: (P)protein, (W)water & (S)starch.  

P+W is ok.   W+S is ok.   P+S is NEVER ok! 

Here is a simple guide that I got from Michael Howlweg, who has written several things about Pain Free Food. Here is a summary:

1. Never mix protein and starch.  

2. Allow 4 hours of no eating if you want to change groups. Eg. I just had eggs and sausages with tomato and mushrooms for breakfast. I need to wait 4 hours if I want to have pasta. 

3. Stop drinking once you start eating. And wait for 30 mins after you have stopped eating before you start drinking again.  

4. Eat only a fist full of food at a time. It takes your stomach 15 mins to inform your brain that you're full. If we take time eating we won't over eat!  

5. Avoid catalyst foods. These are any type of foods that have a bad protein/starch ratio. (Starch = carbs). Check the nutritional information and make sure what you eat has a higher than 9:1 ratio. Eg. Protein 4g, Carbs 20g = 5:1 (BAD!).  


There is a simple guide that I got from author Michael Hohlweg’s book “Pain Free Foods”