What I Love About Her


This is my amazing wife, Julia. Everyone calls her Jules and she really is like a precious jewel.  

We married in January 1993 and have the most amazing journey together. There have been a few tough days where we have had to work on our communication or our serving skills. Marriage reveals a lot about yourself - mostly, about how self centred I am. There have been other season where it has been tough just because life gets fast and furious. We have had to learn to put on the breaks and find time together.  

This picture is a moment on stage at the 2017 Colour Conference in Sydney, a conference for women - thousands of them. There were actually 5 women on stage in this session but I only kept looking at one - this one.  

I love watching her defer to others, even if she knows the answers. I love watching her gracious smile, even if I know something is troubling her. I love how she wants you to have a good day, even if her day is not going to plan. I love the way she looks at me, even if I am preoccupied with something else.  

We often walk slow together and talk about growing old together. We love where we live and what we get to do but we could be anywhere in this world, as long as we are together. 

She has given us two amazing children that are our best friends and I see so much of her in them. They are a great help to our lives and make us better in every way.  

One of the greatest things I love about Julia is those down times, seemingly empty moments, where I happen to look over and she has her bible in her lap and her journal out. With her head turned slightly to the left and a pink pen in hand, it is obvious there is an incredible conversation happening with the lover of her soul - Jesus.