Shared Suffering


Nobody enjoys pain and suffering but these things are common to all of us. It is completely normal to avoid pain and suffering at all costs but not at the cost of relationships.  

One of the things that makes us human is our ability to share in the experiences of others. Sharing the sufferings of others is a privilege that allows us to make the load a little lighter for another sojourner. 

God came as one of us (Jesus) to save all of us (Phil 2). Jesus suffered at the hands of people, people that He came to save. When we suffer for being a believer in Jesus, we get to share in the sufferings that Jesus endured for all mankind.  

As a father to my children, my heart breaks at their suffering but I have an opportunity to share in their sufferings when I listen to understand instead of listening to fix. This is still a great challenge for me because I want to fix the problem and remove the suffering. 

The bible says, Jesus endured His suffering (Heb 12:2) because of the joy that was set before Him. He saw a bigger picture. He saw through the suffering, the other side as it were, to the final outcome of all possibilities.  

May God give us eyes to see through the pain and suffering and see His possibilities. May God also grant us the strength and wisdom to share in the sufferings of others.