Family Pets


We get pets for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes as a comfort. Sometimes for companionship. People often get dogs for security and a sense of safety.  

This is our dog, Charlie. He's been with us 10 years now. As he has got older he seems to be more part of the family than ever before. I know he's only a dog but we would really miss him from our lives.  

Charlie needs to be walked. He needs love and affection but he also needs discipline. I'm amazed how much energy and attention goes into having a dog. They challenge us to make sure we put more attention, love, affection and discipline into our own children.  

Animals reveal a lot about us and, if they could talk, I'm sure they would have a lot to say about us. What would Charlie have to say about my parenting? What would he think about me being a husband and friend? What would your animal say about you? 

Q: What animal do you have and what does it mean to you?  

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