Prioritise... Who? What? When?

As a wife, mum, daughter, sister, leader, pastor, friend & acquaintance, it is always a juggle knowing who & what to prioritise when!!! OR IS IT?

I think the key to this juggle is the space within your soul to accurately read the seasons, circumstances and people that surround your life!

As a disciple of Jesus, I understand that my love affair with him is my success to everything else and everyone else I interact with! My first priority is to an interactive relationship with Jesus, His Word, worship and spending time in His presence being aware of the direction he is taking my life.

As a wife, I understand that the health of our marriage is central to the health of our family. Out of a healthy marriage we have the emotional strength and capacity to love and lead well. The weight of an unhealthy marriage has the potential to add stress into other areas of my life. So giving our marriage the focus it deserves is imperative.

I have also come to realise that I cannot be everything that everyone needs. That platform solely belongs to Jesus. I cannot control people's lives and the choices they make! Just like I have a free will, so do others! So the best thing I can do, is live a life of example, genuine care and prayer! After all, through Jesus, we have been given the power to live our lives for Him.

So what and who to prioritise when is a matter of putting Jesus first, being aware of what's going on around me and give my focus and attention to the 'right' people and tasks at the appropriate times. By the way, it's always the right time for your family to feel as though they are your priority! That topic will be another written piece at another time!!!

As for now... LIVE IN THE MOMENT!