Slow Food

Home made Shukshuka

Home made Shukshuka

Julia and I have been talking about how a crazy schedule does not allow you the time to slow down and enjoy life. We are distracted by the incessant need to do life on the run. 

Holidays are good for many things, slowing down is one them. Slowing down helps you to scan the horizon and make sure you're headed where you think you were going. 

Well, these holidays Jules and I have recalibrated some things. One of these is food. We are wanting to eat different. Eat better.  

Today, because we slowed down, I made us Shukshuka for lunch. Baked eggs over roast veggies.  

We want to encourage you to look at what's inside your fridge and pantry and decide, is this who I want to be?  

 #Change #SlowFood