Managing Information Systems


As leaders it is important to have the right information and ensure we (or others) are using information for the greater good. 

Information is important to all of us and getting the right information is critical. it's easy these days to be overwhelmed with information. Managing the information in an organisation or a family or a group will ensure people are empowered to make the right decisions. 

I guess it's human nature to use information to my advantage. The mouth is like a FedEx truck that couriers information to almost anywhere. The mind is a factory of assumption and, the heart is the central nervous system that ultimately decides if we will use the proper pathways.  

1. It's not what you know but why you know. 

As a leader there are many things that I need to know but I don't need to know everything. I must always be honest enough to see if I am just wanting to know something I don't need to know? I must learn to ask, why do I need to know this?  

2. It's not what you know but how you know.  

As a leader there will always be times I gain information that I didn't need to know. That's ok. It's great to show discretion and confidentiality in the workplace. But, every leader needs to pass the test of how we came to know what we know. Before staying too long in a conversation, simply ask yourself, how will this help me?

The greatest leaders are great at managing the information systems around their lives. They display great integrity in the way they harvest and handle the information of others.